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Boundary value problems in diffration theory and lifting surface theory

(2008) Boersma, Johannes

The present paper deals with a number of boundary value
problems in diffraction theory and wing lifting surface theory
with special reference to circular disks and apertures and to slits. The problems of the diffraction of an incident wave (scalar or electromagnetic) by a circular disk, circular aperture, strip or slit have received considerable attention during the last decades. For a survey of the various methods of solution the reader is referred to the review articles of Bouwkamp [g] and of Hönl, Maue and Westpfahl [19]. In this paper we are especially interested in low-frequency expansions for the field quantities, valid when ka or kb is small, where k is the wave number, a is the radius
of the disk or aperture, 2b is the width of the strip or slit. These expansions wil1 be obtained from Fredholm integral equations of the second kind, the kernels of these integral equations being small when ka or kb is small. The reduction of the scalar diffraction problem for a circular d'sk or circular aperture to Fredholm integral equations has been performed by several authors. ...

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