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Diagnostic and immunological aspects of the antibody response to human cytomegalvirus infection

(1985) Middeldorp, Jaap Michiel

The studies described in this thesis were initiated with three main aims: First, to develop a practical and sensitive method for serodiagnosis of Human cytomegoal virus ( CMV)-infections and to determine the relative diagnostic value of IgM and IgG antibody responses to distinct CMV-antigens.
Second, to test the hypothesis that antibody responses directed against the CMV-MA complex Iocated on the outer surface of CMV-infected celIs would contribute to the recovery from infection, especially in patients receiving
immune suppressive therapy and, in addition, to study the relation of the CMV-MA complex to other CMV-antigens. Third, to determine the molecular nature of CMV-antigens that are recognized by human serum antibodies during acute and latent CMV-infection. ...

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