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Zicht op interne communicatie : de functionaliteit van teksten

(1996) Vuijk, Willem

This study on internal communication focuses on the following questions:
1. Is it possible, while using theories from the field of language usage, to describe
(un)desired functioning of oral or written texts within an organization and to explain
this (dis)functioning?
2. Do suggested changes to the texts result in a correct, i.e. desired, functioning of those
texts within the internal communication system of the organization concerned?
These questions are discussed successively in the first part of this Ph.D. thesis, Chapters 1
through 4. This part of the thesis comprises the following: firstly, the analysis of internal
communication; secondly, an instrument of communication diagnosis and thirdly, a
description of communication problems within three organizations. In the second part,
Chapters 5 through 8, the focus is on verbal communication. This part is a report on
experimental research on texts in which the text function has been made explicit.

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